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Leg Carriage - with canopy

Leg Carriage - with canopy

Cushions and elevates the leg for the prevention & management of heel pressure ulcers, & post operative orthopaedic & venous surgery.

Pressure-diffusing memory foam surface supports leg and provides pressure free areas to the ankle and heel of the foot.
Scalloped and angled shape alleviates pressure to calf area for optimal blood flow. Patented U-shape heel cavity allows the heel to float while gently cushioning the Achilles.

Leg Carriage complements treatment after orthopaedic surgery, for the prevention and management of heel pressure ulcers. Promotes better circulation of blood through the legs and feet in recovery from venous surgery. Two cushions can be used side by side if required.

* Leg Carriage shown with the optional adjustable and padded foot canopy.
Two models are available:
Model 1: Without canopy.
Model 2: With canopy.