Lifting and Manual Handling
Lifting and Manual Handling

Inform for Life - Lifting and Manual Handling

This topic is designed for patients to become more aware of good posture/ body positions and how to avoid postures and movements that may aggravate their spine and compromise wellbeing while lifting or manual handling.

Topics covered:
A step-by-step guide to the principles of simple lifting and manual handling. The user can adapt the principles to their own needs and circumstances. 
Tips on lifting and manual handling (i.e. storage of items to reduce strain, minimize lifting at particular times) are also covered.

Best for:
Everyone, as a general guide to basic lifting and manual handling.
Acute and chronic sufferers of lower back pain and muscular/ joint pain.
Physical workers, warehouse, truck drivers, etc.

215 x 280mm tear-off pad containing 50 A4 sheets.

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