Personalising a Computer Workstation
Personalising a Computer Workstation

Inform for Life - Personalizing a Computer Workstation

This topic is designed for patients to become more aware of good posture/ body positions and how to avoid postures and movements that may aggravate their body and compromise wellbeing while working at a computer.

Topics covered:
A simple step-by-step guide to the principles of setting up a computer workstation to suit each individual user. The user can adapt the principles to their own individual computer workstation. An overhead diagram is included to demonstrate an ideal desktop layout of computer workstation items. Tips on staying comfortably at a workstation (such as take micro breaks, avoid glare, etc.) are covered.

Best for:
People who work at a computer workstation, whether at home, school, or at work.
Chronic sufferers of neck, shoulder, arm and muscular/ joint pain.
Office workers, secretaries, typists, clerks, etc.

215 x 280mm tear-off pad containing 50 A4 sheets.

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