Low Back & Leg Stretches
Low Back & Leg Stretches

Inform for Life - Low Back & Leg Stretches

The Inform for Life series is designed for people who require specific stretches for either general flexibility, work tasks or a specific condition. All topics have 12 to 14 different stretches. Tick boxes are provided so that you can recommend specific stretches for each individual.

Stretches targeted at the lower back and legs. Specific stretches in this pad:
Side Stretch (Lateral trunk)
Trunk Rotation
Low Back Extension
Psoas Stretch (hip flexor)
Inner Thigh Stretch (Adductor)
Spinal Stretch
Gluteal Stretch
Piriformis Stretch
Seated Stretch (for hamstrings and lower back)
Hamstring Stretch
Quadricep Stretch
Calf Stretch
Pelvic Tilt
Happy Cat Stretch (Spinal mobility)

Best for:Those people whose backs and legs take a lot of daily strain.

215 x 280mm tear-off pad containing 50 A4 sheets.

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