Positioning Body Wedge

Positioning Body Wedge Aligner in Memory Foam

Body wedge support stabilises the body to prevent rolling onto the back or stomach. Fully adjustable - change the angle from 40 to 25 to 15. Your choice!
Stabilises the trunk with support for front or back.
Reduces sacral pressure to prevent pressure sores.
Aids in the management and healing of existing sores.
Under thighs - helps maintain pelvic tilt in pelvic traction
Promotes proper hip alignment.
Secure, comfortable, and more stable than pillows. 
Ideal for long term care patients or convalescents.

Tailored in moisture-resistant bacteria inhibiting (hospital grade) Steri-Plus. Wipes clean for easy care. A body positioning wedge to aid in the management and healing of existing pressure ulcers, by allowing patients to be positioned on their side to reduce sacral pressure. Provides effective side positioning as well as offering forward positioning and roll control.