Tranquillow Childrens Pillow

Tranquillow Kids Pillow - Sleeping Pillow for Children

Australian Made quality contoured neck pillow to support your children
Scaled down version of the larger size Tranquillow
Designed for kids over 3 years and up to seven and also adult tummy sleepers.
Gentle contour, super-soft deluxe foam. Carved from one piece of quality foam.
Tranquillow supports the neck and cradles the head.
The contour of the pillow has one side slightly higher than the other to meet personal support and comfort needs.
Covered in removable cotton cover.
Our original therapeutic contoured neck pillow, carved from non-allergenic quality foams. Great for kids from the tender years 3-7.
If your looking for a classic contoured pillow for kids aged 3-7 then this is the perfect pillow.May assist asthma sufferers and others who need clear breathing patterns.