Banana Pillow Large

Banana Pillow Large

Multi use body pillow for mothers when sitting up in bed, relaxing, and reading.
Two long cushioning arms to give you support when you are sitting up or relaxing in bed, or need a little extra padding when in your favourite chair. Kids will love using the body pillow when on the floor doing homework as it provides support in all the right places.

Perfect for all uses - Use in bed as a back support pillow for watching tv or reading. Also great to use between legs when pregnant. You will love this multi-use body pillow as it provides many different comfort options. Naturally shaped contour to support head and neck. Shaped to give you perfect support while sitting or relaxing in bed. 100% polyester fibre filling gives you the option to adjust the amount of fill in the Banana pillow.

The perfect support pillow for new mothers. You can place it on your lap to help support your baby in an ideal feeding position..If you're a new mother you will love the Banana Body Pillow.

For Relaxing the Banana V shaped Pillow gives you comfort and support while you rest and relax. The filling of The Banana V Pillow conforms to your shape, in any position, whether lying down or sitting up.

Pillowcases are also available in a range of colours. They are made from a fabric combining the soft feel of cotton with a fine polyester mix for easy care and durability.If you love to relax you will love the Banana Body Pillow.