Lucky 7 Body Pillow

Lucky 7 Body Pillow - Pregnancy Support

Sleep in pure comfort with the heavenly L-Shaped full length overstuffed body pillow. Swing a leg over the Lucky 7 or tuck it in against your back. Its 7-Shape is like having 2 pillows in one: a regular pillow and a body pillow.

Body pillows are excellent support for side sleepers, chronic neck and back pain sufferers, and during pregnancy. Ideal for mothers-to-be, and also ideal for minimising light snoring where side sleeping is recommended. Unique body pillow that gives you full body positioning in superb comfort. Aligns the hips, and encourages the side sleeping position.

The Lucky 7 Body Pillow provides comfort and ergonomic support from your neck to your feet providing all the support you need to reduce neck, head, and back strain whether you use it while you sleep or as a bed lounger when sitting up.

Lucky 7 Pregnancy Body Pillow encourages the medically-accepted side sleeping position. Medical practitioners recommend sleeping on your side during pregnancy for optimum comfort, support and for the health of your baby.The Lucky 7 Pregnancy Body Pillow helps maintain the side sleeping position. As the pregnancy progresses, the weight of the baby and uterus increases, restricting the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta if the mother lies on her back. 

The Lucky 7 Pregnancy Body Pillow provides support and comfort for the side sleeping position, maintaining healthy blood and nutrient flow. Extra comfort during pregnancy is also achieved by aligning the spine, shoulders and hips.

High quality washable soft poly-cotton custom-fitted ivory colour slip included.