Travellers Pillow Memory

The Perfect Travelling Companion

If you sleep with the support of a memory foam product why wouldn't you go for a memory foam neck support? Soft yet supportive and a wonderful feel this travel aid will help make any journey a good one. Supple memory foam in a washable suede-feel polyester cover.

Suitable for both adults and children, the Memory Foam Neck SupportTraveller Pillow combines the yielding support of memory foam all in a light, easy to pack form.It provides support for the neck and head, helping to prevent stiffness and soreness. Great for all sizes and soothes tension in any trip.

Memory foam provides supple, yielding comfort, while the shape of the pillow prevents stiffness and soreness caused if the head tilts to the sides or falls forward.A luxurious way to support the neck and head when sitting for long periods or travelling by road, rail or air and a great way to get restful sleep on long journeys.

Ideal for adults and children and offers both comfort and support while taking up minimal space in your luggage.

Perfect for:
Travelling by car, train, bus or plane, watching TV, reading or dozing in your favourite armchair.