MemoGel Cushion

This fantastic memory foam cushion will enhance the comfort of any seat it is used.

Easy to move and carry with its compact shape this memory foam gel cushion will give the comfort of memory foam along with the quality support offerend through the pressure diffusing benefits of Silica Gel.

Being a 2 in 1 cushion you can favour either the moulding effects of the memory foam or the more stable feel of Gel.

To enhance the gel feel and access better the cooling qualities of the gel product we manufacture a mesh cover on one side of the product. The other side is a polyester velvet which will help with warmth and comfort during the cooler months. A great product all year round!

Size                            40cm width x 40cm depth x 5cm high
Outer cover               Suede feel 100% Polyester
Inner                           Visco Elastic Memory Foam with Silica Gel Pad.