Latex Ring Cushion

Latex Donut Ring Cushion - Pain Relief Seating Cushion

Medical cushion is shaped for maximum relief of bedsores, post operative pain and other painful conditions. Provides pain relief to sensitive areas.Ideal for wheelchairs users, maternity units, rest homes and hospitals.

Comfortably conforms to body contours
Designed to relieve pain in the tailbone & coccyx area
Made of one-piece, puncture-proof latex foam rubber
Reduces pressure point discomfort
Reduces pain to coccyx area when seating
Use during pregnancy for pain relief

Designed for post natal or post operative discomfort, haemorrhoids, bruised coccyx and other painful conditions. The Relief Ring Cushion is a seat cushion giving pressure-free comfort when sitting.

This pressure relieving donut ring cushion allows the user to sit for long periods as it is made from latex foam rubber which rapidly responds to weight movement and reduces interface pressure on the body.

Regardless of the quality of your cushion, it is important not to sit for too long in one position.

Cover is soft-feel waterproof Steri-Plus fabric.

Dimensions - 41 cm across x 8 cm high.