Keyhole Cushion

Keyhole Wedge Angled Pressure Cushion

Relieves the pressure and the pain - An angled seat cushion with a symmetrical aperture. The keyhole seat cushion gives therapeutic, pressure-free comfort when sitting.

Specially designed to relieve:
post natal discomfort
post operative pain
the discomfort of haemorrhoids
the pain from a sore or bruised coccyx
and other painful conditions which involve this sensitive area.

Designed to take the weight on the user's body contact points (ischial tuberosities) and along thighs. Tender parts are left free and no pressure on the perineum means patient comfort is assured.

Waterproof bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus cover
Optional cotton overcovers
DImensions - 42 cm across x 40 cm x2.6 cm (thin) x 7 cm (thick)