Diffuser Cushion Medium Steri-Plus

Diffuser Cushion - Medium Steri-Plus

Memory foam chair & seat cushion
Enjoy the forgiving properties of pressure diffusing memory foam. A premium density Australian made pressure-relief cushion made from memory foam with a special inner core of heavy density traditional foam.
Optimum pressure relief - diffuses the body's load. Gently absorbs pressure and 'holds' the user securely and comfortably.Ideal as a wheelchair cushion or regular seating.
Diffuser Cushion is designed to:
Lower pressure and shear forces.
Provide stability & comfort on chairs.
Have an absorbent & breathable surface.
Be easily cleaned and sterilised.
Be affordable, light-weight, compact and durable.

Memory foam cushions are great for:
Wheelchair cushions.Addition to office chairs & office seating.Football games & stadium seating.As a general multi-use cushion.
Premium grade Australian made Memory Foam with traditional foam - the best of both worlds

Size: Medium (44cm x 42cm) 
Cover: Steri-Plus

Steri-Plus: is a moisture and bacteria-resistant and made from a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.

ALso available in Dura-Fab, an attractive soft and durable woven & washable polyester fabric.